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LA’s Olen Shares Sharp-Witted Alt-Pop Track “Low AF”, Catch On Tour Now With Cinders!

While an argument can be made for both sides, you can never be a “late bloomer” in the music industry. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “Low AF”, the latest drop from Olen. He might have been in the game for nearly a decade at this point, but Olen Kitelsen is finally ready to make his official debut. This Orange County artist has no problem putting his feelings out into the ether, as making pop music with a personal twist is at the core of Olen’s musical methodology. Regardless of the subject material or how introspective he dives, you know that Olen’s thoughts will be accompanied with a breezy melody to balance out the scales. Simply put, Olen is an artist who is still on his personal journey of self-discovery and is just trying to figure out his place in the world and how it works in the public eye.

“We all need someone who loves us at every high and every low. omeone who knows all our dirt and every detail and still chooses to accept you for who you are. ‘Low AF’ is about wanting a partner who knows that your parents met in Minnesota and about the first time you got stung by a bee. All the boring. All the bad. All the good. Package deal.” – Olen

‘With just how open the gates are right now for artists blossoming in the alternative space, we’re always excited to hear a refreshing artist thriving in the world of alt-pop. With “Low AF” being the latest addition to Olen’s ever-growing catalog, the track is actually one of a handful of singles we expect to hear from his debut album. While he’s been in the game for a decade, artists seize the opportunity to make a debut album at different times. The album, So Codependent, is expected to be out later this summer, but we’re already jumping on the hype train just due to the earworm nature of “Low AF” alone. Olen reminds us that the journey of self-discovery never truly stops and we’re primed and ready to have our own introspective session very soon.

Catch Olen on tour!

Tour Dates w/ Cinders

3.10 Provo, UT @ Velour Live Music

3.12 Denver, CO @ Lost Lake

3.23 Seattle, WA @ Funhouse

3.24 Portland, OR @ Mission Theatre

3.26 San Francisco, CA @ Brick & Mortar

Make sure you check out “Low AF” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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