Franky Nuts Explores The Light & Dark Sides of Dubstep in “Time Is Running Out”


We may have seen the initial rebirth of dubstep/brostep in the early oughts, but the genre has been slowly evolving in the background for some time now. Stopping back again at Circus Records for “Time Is Running Out”, another brand new drop from Franky Nuts. If you haven’t been paying attention to the international dubstep stage, Franky Nuts might not have come across your radar just yet. Shining bright from the Netherlands, Franky Nuts burst onto the scene last year (2019) and immediately caught the eye of Flux Pavillion. Quickly signing Franky to Circus Records, Franky already received millions of plays on his discography just over the summer. Dropping 11 releases with his new home label, Franky Nuts has found his footing and is ready to take the rest of the world by storm.

We may have jumped ship from the dubstep train all the way back in 2015, ut if a producer can win me over and bring me back I’ll be impressed.  Running on the flame lit under his ass by his last two releases, Franky Nuts is determined to showcase his signature sound to an entirely new audience. “Time is Running Out” lets Franky Nuts’s hot streak run wild, at the same time letting him craft his sonic dubstep journey for the audience. Captivating us with his vocal work right at the hook, “Time is Running Out” is an exploration of both the light and dark side, all while bumping to an addictive bass. If there is any producer in the game right now that deserves to have an epic 2020, it’s Franky Nuts.

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