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Powerhouse Asian Female Producers – RayRay and JVNA, Join Forces for Their Emotive but Hard-Hitting Bilingual Collaboration “Butterfly”

While we’ve been busy in Europe and South America checking out the EDM scenes, we’ve been drastically ignoring one of our more interesting scenes…Thailand. On our latest visit to Barong Family we are checking out “Butterfly”, the latest drop from RayRay and JVNA.  An incredibly talented Taiwanese producer, RayRay has been making waves over on Yellow Claw’s Barong Family. Officially joining their roster back in 2018, RayRay has since performed during major festivals such as ADE and SXSW. She is no stranger to Protocol either, as she already worked with Marc Benjamin on “My Swag”.Now with plenty of singles under her belt, RayRay is primed and ready to release her debut album and has an initial appetizer for the audience.

One of my favorite songs on the album. It’s definitely a unique combination between me and JVNA. I’ve wanted to work with her for a very long time. She is such an inspiring person. It’s very interesting and fun to blend her airy music sound with my hard trap elements together. We started making this song in July 2021 last year and actually came up with the vocals first. Be strong and brave, and eventually, you will be like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon. This is also the experience we have been learning as artists. Life isn’t a bed of roses, and there are a lot of obstacles. However, as long as you pull it through, you will become a beautiful butterfly. It’s also a tribute to our friends and fans in Taiwan and Asia.” – RayRay

I wrote ‘Butterfly‘ with RayRay wanting to write a track that felt empowering to both of us. As female producers/DJs we’ve bonded over our experiences of being in a male-dominated industry and the feeling of needing to prove ourselves constantly. This song is about taking a leap of faith in pursuing our dreams, becoming the person we want to become, and succeeding in our goals. When RayRay and I initially met, we clicked instantly. She is one of the few friends I have in the industry to whom I can relate and talk about the similar struggles and experiences we have in our work field.” – JVNA

While this is neither RayRay nor JVNA’s first time on Modern Neon, it has definitely been quite a while for either artist, so they deserve another welcome. With “Butterfly” being the initial single off of RayRay’s upcoming debut album, this first single is incredibly important in order to gauge the audience’s reception to the first slice of the pie. The track serves as a showcase for both of these killer female artists, allowing plenty of room for them to fully be within their element and showcase plenty of tools that exist in their creator toolbox. Stylistically “Butterfly” finds an interesting area to land its sound in, casually vibing between the worlds of future bass and melodic trap music. Building on its already intriguing foundation, RayRay and JVNA actually since the lyrics of “Butterfly” in both English and Mandarin. With each individual layer of the production oozing with style, “Butterfly” should definitely be in your rotation ASAP if it isn’t already.

Make sure you check out “Butterfly” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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