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Wiwek Celebrates 10 Years of His Iconic “Jungle Terror” EP Series With Brand New 5th Chapter Released After 4 Years. Out Now on Barong Family

We might be a tad late to the Wiwek party, but we’re all ready to jump on board. On our latest visit to Barong Family we are checking out “Jungle Terror Vol. 5” the latest addition to the series by Wiwek. Wiwek is more than just a DJ; he’s a pioneering force in the electronic music landscape, carving out his own niche with the genre-defying sound of “jungle terror.” Through wild blends of electronic elements, tribal percussion, and raw energy, Wiwek crafts immersive sonic experiences that push boundaries and ignite dance floors. Collaborations with industry giants like Skrillex, the establishment of Maha Vana Records as a haven for creative expression, and the release of his debut album “Cycles” underscore his commitment to innovation. With projects like “The Free and Rebellious” EP, which served as the soundtrack to a cinematic journey in Bangkok, Wiwek’s influence transcends music, solidifying his status as a true rebel with a cause, poised to shape the future of electronic music in 2024 and beyond.

Jungle Terror vol. 5‘ EP is a collection of songs I’ve been playing a lot in my sets. The idea at first was to just have fresh tunes for my dj sets. When I noticed that the first ‘Jungle Terror‘ EP came out in 2014 it felt like a cool idea to do a new one 10 years after the first one. I have a lot to thank to these series and it was fun to still be creative with it after all these years.” – Wiwek

Wiwek’s latest release, the fifth volume of his “Jungle Terror” EP series on Yellow Claw’s Barong Family label, celebrates the concept’s 10-year anniversary with an electrifying showcase of his evolution as an artist. After a four-year hiatus, this highly anticipated installment delivers a sonic feast for fans, featuring tracks like “Cola” with Emy Perez, which kicks off the EP with its robust kick drums, urban-style vocals, and pulsating bassline. “Scream,” a collaboration with Holly, explores reggaeton-inspired production with infectious rhythms and monumental drops, while “Crash The Party” unleashes frenetic beats perfect for the dance floor. Throughout the EP, Wiwek seamlessly blends elements of ethnic exploration and cultural identity, embodying themes of freedom and creative expression. This release reaffirms Wiwek’s status as a pioneering force in the jungle terror genre, showcasing his ability to push boundaries and ignite energy with his music.

Make sure you check out “Jungle Terror, Vol 5” on Spotify below!

Make sure you check out Wiwek on Spotify below!


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