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CYB3RPVNK’s Skytech & Robbie Mendez “Overload” 2020 With Party Starting Beats

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While Skytech is yet another upcoming artist on a global scale, he already has gathered quite a following in his home country of Poland. We first heard of this talented producer when R3HAB found him after hearing “Tiger”, where he helped finish the track which led to over 100 million streams. R3HAB and Skytech have been working together for quite some time under the CYB3RPVNK banner, crafting festival and dancefloor-friendly tracks while also growing Skytech’s global footprint. For the last two years, Skytech has ranked in the top 2 most streamed Polish artists in the world! Robbie Mendez is even fresher on the scene, just debuting on R3HAB’s CYB3RPVNK label last year with his original track “Happening”. Mendez also released “Story” on Spinnin’ and received heavy support from fellow producers Afrojack and Mike Williams to name a few.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Robbie’s recent work, and I’ve been thinking about reaching out to him for a long time. Especially after he released the massive ‘Happening’ earlier in 2019. I couldn’t have been more surprised and happier to see him direct message me one day, saying he has a potential demo for our collabo. That was the first demo of ‘Overload.’ I loved it, and we started working on it right away. It took a while to finish, but after a few months we agreed on the final version. For me, this record is a perfect blend of Skytech, and Robbie Mendez sounds. Anthemic melody, ideal for a festival, and a powerful drop. I can’t wait to play it everywhere!” – Skytech

Can we say that within this first month of the new decade, CYB3RPVNK has made quite the splash into 2020! “Overload” is a miniature epic audible playground with just enough room for Skytech and Robbie Mendez to spread their wings. With plenty of space to each express their own style, Skytech and Robbie Mendez have just over two minutes to find their own middle ground. Each producer allowing the other to take center stage one at a time lets “Overload” make the most out of its short length. Both artists bring plenty of energy and evolving production to the table, with an end result that is hard to beat for a party starter.

Make sure you check out “Overload” on Spotify and on YouTube below!

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