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“California Cool” Singer/Songwriter Goldie Vargas Makes Her Indie Debut With New EP “GOLDEN”

There might be a trend going on here, as today’s artist once again is the embodiment of a Californian artist. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out GOLDEN, the debut EP of Goldie Vargas.  While she has been in love with music as a medium for years as a California native, it wasn’t until recently that Vargas made the plunge and started transforming that passion into a career. Starting production on he debut EP over two years ago, Vargas is finally ready to take her interpretation of “California Cool” to the masses. With a singular goal of letting listeners “feel less alone” while listening to her music, Vargas will fully plunge into the breezy indie world now that she has released her full debut EP.

 “‘GOLDEN’ was written during a time in my life where there was so much change happening  a worldwide pandemic had just started, I was at the end of my teen years and I was going through everything from breakups, mental health struggles and finding myself as a woman and not a girl. My first EP feels like a short story on what it’s like being young, sad and still trying to find a hope in this world.”- Goldie Vargas

While we appreciate that “California Cool” aesthetic that Vargas is portraying for the masses, after diving into GOLDEN we realize just how many layers there are to Vargas. Consisting of five tracks in total, three previous singles, and two original tracks, GOLDEN serves as an introspective look at this version of Vargas that she is willing to display for us. Having spent the last two years molding and transforming GOLDEN into its final product, Vargas expanded on the “emotional artist with a guitar” foundation and gave it a signature Californian indie vibe. Utilizing breezy soundscapes and dreamy melodies, Vargas highlights an almost larger-than-life aesthetic that almost moves us cold-hearted folk to showcase our own. If you ever need to just kick back and soak in a bit of CA indie, give GOLDEN a spin.

Make sure you check out GOLDEN on Spotify below and over on Apple Music!

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Goldie Vargas


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