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Rising Italian Star Matilde G Shares Triumphant Pop Anthem “Hypocrite”

We love having an outlet and a web of discovery in place for new musicians because almost every week we have an artist that tickles our interest enough to push past the first barrier to entry and be featured. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Hypocrite”, the latest drop from Matilde G. Growing up in Rome, Matilde dove head first into the creative arts at a fairly young age, learning both singing and piano for many years throughout her childhood. Jump to 2019, Matilde relocated from her home of Italy to Singapore with her family, where she immediately took advantage and started to make herself known. While she got her start by singing in various music videos and modeling for Asian photographers, she’s also sung in famous venues like Nagoya Theatre in Japan and *Scape in Singapore. Now with a few singles under her belt already and a dose of success throughout Europe and Asia, it’s time to expand even further and bring her beautiful voice to the rest of the world.

“This song is about a guy who cheated on me. It’s sadly a relevant topic for a lot of us who are in teen relationships. Am I the victim of a hypocritical guy? The cheater is a victim of himself and his lies. Better to kick back and go further with strength and awareness of your own value, which is never determined by the others” says Matilde G “I wrote ‘Hypocrite’ to send a strong message to those who have been cheated on: do not be ashamed because the true loser is the cheater! I went through painful experiences that marked me but also made me stronger and more determined not to allow anyone to manipulate or hurt me.”

There are so many talents in the Eastern world, and that is why we need to shine an additional light on artists like Matilde G. With her catching our attention with the latest addition to her catalog, “Hypocrite” officially has us on the band wagon for the Singapore-based pop artist. Even though “Hypocrite” explores familiar concepts such as having your heart broken and being cheated on by the one you though was your true match, the indie rock meets electropop production keeps us coming back. With her inspirations including the likes of Arianna Grande and Lady Gaga, we have no doubt in our minds that Matilde’s music is going to be just as infectious in the States as it was in Europe. Do we hear another Top 10 single just waiting in the wings for the right airwave to send it straight to the top? We believe that Matilde G can do it once again.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Hypocrite” on YouTube below and the track over on Spotify!

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Matilde G

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Photo by Alessia Bulani

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