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Experimental at its Finest, JACKAL Releases "In Love With Nobody" On Lowly Palace

When we have the chance to actually introduce a new artist into our MiR lineup, you bet yourself that we will do it in a heartbeat. This week we are checking out “In Love with Nobody”, the latest track from JACKAL over on Lowly Palace. JACKAL has always been an artist that does not want to be trapped in a box and but will continuously push those boundaries as far as he can. JACKAL forced his way onto the scene back in 2013 with “Shakedown”, which served as a showcase for his low BPM yet heavy bass style. However, all of that has changed as JACKAL as transformed as an artist.

This is actually a happy track. It comes from the feeling of relief of being independent and having no feelings for anyone,” JACKAL explains. “The title is kind of an ode to one of my all time favourite bands The Smiths. I feel like Morrissey would totally name a track ‘In Love With Nobody.”- JACKAL

As JACKAL continues to change and grow as an artist, his style has organically changed. “In Love With Nobody” is distinctly different than “Shakedown”, as the track focuses more on the experimental beats he can use to extract more heavy bass sounds. Existing in the realm of experimental, JACKAL is able to play with many different ideas and styles. As with this track, JACKAL is leaning more in the use of reverberating basslines and plenty of modified and warped melodic effects. JACKAL, continue on this path, experiment and be free from the box you are placed in.
Make sure you check out “In Love With Nobody” on Spotify below!

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