Nu-Disco Slays: Neon Tiger’s “Neon Rose” Ft. Coyle Girelli

“No one wants to dance alone.”

While disco is intended to make you rush to the dance floor and groove your hearts out, there are those tracks that just want to control you a different way. Today we have one of those tracks with the latest from LA-based producer Neon Tiger, who brings us his indie electronic track “Neon Rose”. While you may not recognize the name just yet, the man behind the pseudonym is also known as Maarcos and was a member of Those Usual Suspects. Neon Tiger was created so that he could experiment a bit more with his style and songwriting. He even performs using every instrument and vocals himself.

Now is “Neon Rose” a departure from what he made as Maarcos or a part of Those Usual Suspects. Most definitely, as Neon Tiger focuses on a synth-heavy nu-disco vibe while channeling his inner David Bowie. For the track he teams up with fellow producer Coyle Girelli to accomplish one goal; to make those listeners who use music as an escape to treat them to an experience they won’t be able to forget in a foreign body. Whether it is the groovy instrumentals or the upbeat and lifting vocals, Neon Tiger has struck gold with a track that could have easily been squeezed in on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.

Be sure you give “Neon Rose” a full listen below:


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