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Hello everybody!

So my name is Brandon, and this is the first post on my new blog “Media In Review”. I am so excited to be reviewing many different kinds of media at least three times a week.  I know a few other writers with their own blogs that I will try and bring over to share their reviews as well. Soon this site will be your go to place for your critical reviews (alright probably not soon, but I will try and expand!).  I will be aiming for at least a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Saturday post each week, and each day will be following a different theme.  I hope you all enjoy!.


P.S. I will have a Facebook page and a Twitter up and running once there are enough people out there actually visiting this page.


Stay tuned!

Brandon Stuhr

Who am I? Just some guy who decided to start writing on the Internet years ago and now operates his own brand and site. Owner/Operator of Modern Neon Media, I make all kinds of niche content to suit my interests at the time. DIY Enthusiast, Brewmaster extraordinaire, and avid freak for geek culture. Follow on my socials for a more "on" version of me.

3 thoughts on “First Post

  • Good luck. I started my blog a year ago now and it gets insanely addictive. I hope your site does well.

    • I actually had a blog a couple of years ago when I graduated high school, but didn’t really understand the concept of blogging back then. Now I understand and hope to make it better.


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