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Canadian Rapper Keffa Puts His Flow on Display in New Single “Twenty Four Days”

The hustle mentality is real, and those who hustle hard have a higher shot at crushing it. This week we are heading up North for “Twenty Four Days”, the latest single from Canadian rapper Keffa. Starting off his career back in 2017. Keffa found success with his first popular single “Not So Famous” and started the process of becoming a household name. A year later his second successful track “Loner” launched him into a world of local success, even landing Keffa on Spotify’s “Northern Bars” and “Hip-Hop Central” playlists eventually leading to a sport on Canada’s Top 50 Viral chart. Now with the taste of praise under his belt, Keffa has been quietly teasing his new Victimless Crimes EP and his latest drop “Twenty Four Days” has us intrigued.

We are often hesitant to cover rap music since out of the main genres that are consistently popular,, we put rap & hip-hop under the largest magnifying glass. We just happen to be more…selective in the rap music we personally listen to when we are disconnected. However, Keffa’s Victimless Crimes EP caught our eyes and tickled our eardrums just the right amount to keep coming back for another experience. “Twenty Four Days” is our personal favorite off of the EP, with Keffa spitting his rawest and catchiest lyrics yet.  Combined with his effortless flow and a slappin’ beat, this single is not a track that you should pass up. The Toronto music scene continues to surprise us and we hope to keep discovering gems like Keffa.

Make sure you check out Victimless Crimes on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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