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With Plenty of Wait, ShockOne Drops Highly-Awaited “A Dark Machine” Album.

As single after single was teased, we just had to wait it out until the album finally dropped. We are happy to say that the wait is finally over. Beginning his career all the way back in 2009, ShockOne immediately made his name known to the masses as one of the top rising bass producers in the industry. ShockOne’s “Chaos Theory”, released in 2012, has been his most significant hit yet, reaching silver and gold spots on electronic charts. “Chaos Theory” completely broke genre standards, but proved that there are no barriers for ShockOne’s creativity.

“‘A Dark Machine‘ begins with ‘Run‘ and the intro connected to it ‘Awake.’ The whole thing started from the idea I had of the protagonist waking from a dream while finding themselves running, from what exactly, they don’t know, but they are filled with a sense of dread, they do know, however, that if they stop running something terrible will happen. I just had this image of someone waking up running from something, and at the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure what that was myself. As I kept writing and scribbling random phrases and notes down, it started to become clear that what the protagonist is running from is a reflection of their own psyche, their subconscious, perhaps even the darker side of it, and that is essentially what ‘A Dark Machine‘ represents.” – ShockOne

While we still may be a bit fresh-faced in ShockOne’s community, we have to applaud him for an amazing album. A Dark Machine takes the concept of self-exploration to the dark end of the spectrum, traveling to the deepest and most disturbing region of our brain and shine a light. The album is arranged in order to examine that journey, all the way from initial entry to plenty of self-destruction. While on this journey, ShockOne runs the gambit of bass music, exploring and manipulating each genre we know and creating a beautiful experimental abomination. A Dark Machine deceptively complex and addictive, easily serving as yet another milestone in ShockOne’s career. If we were you, we would grab ahold of the wheel and join this ride before it passes you by.

“As I continued the writing process, I started to realize this album is basically the story of someone coming to terms with their own mind/subconscious, the good and the bad parts of it. The closing song ‘Silver & Gold,’ is the final conversation between the protagonist and their own subconscious. The eternal conversion we are all having with ourselves that can sometimes get pretty dark. This story is like a dramatization of that, and this album is like a soundtrack to the dystopian art film I have in my head that will never get made! Although the fantastic videos Matsu made for ‘A Dark Machine,’ ‘Bleed Black‘ & ‘Run‘ are pretty damn close!” – ShockOne

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