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DLG. Shares A Captivating and Psychedelic New Sound on New EP “CHARACTERS”

We’ve seen and heard today’s artist transform over the years and they don’t plan to stop mixing it up any time soon. On our latest peek in the electronic music world we are checking out CHARACTERS, the brand new EP from DLG. Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Austin, Texas, and now making waves in the creative hub of Los Angeles, Dave De La Garza, known by his stylized moniker DLG., has emerged as a true musical maverick with a sound that resonates across diverse audiences. A master at blending captivating, bouncy beats with his distinctive soft-raspy vocals, DLG. has artfully crafted a musical style that defies easy categorization. His compositions effortlessly traverse a spectrum of genres, seamlessly weaving elements of pop, alternative, and electronic music, and even venturing beyond these boundaries, creating a sonic tapestry that defies conventions.

ICY is a new version of the first DLG. song I ever released. The production of the song has changed immensely since 2016, but the lyrics are the exact same. It was inspired by a friend’s relationship that had turned bitter after they broke up, and I love the writing so I’d been trying to reproduce the song since I originally released it (and then deleted it 2 weeks later). Nothing stuck until late last year when I was going through old project files with tabla recordings. I have a good friend from growing up who played tablas, and I always used to record his tablas and use the samples in my songs. I really fell in love over time with the sound of tablas, and hearing some old recordings inspired me to make them the bedrock of this new version of ICY. The rest just fell into place.” – DLG.

DLG., a Texan native now based in Los Angeles, unveils his latest EP, ‘CHARACTERS’, a mesmerizing fusion of hazy soundscapes and cross-genre exploration. Inspired by his experiences in LA, DLG. paints a vivid sonic portrait of the city’s diverse inhabitants, capturing the essence of its enigmatic personas. Each track on the EP serves as a vignette, delving into the complexities of human nature and the masks we wear in a city teeming with life and motives. Drawing from influences like Jungle, Glass Animals, and Mac Miller, DLG. infuses his music with a psychedelic jazz flair, creating an immersive journey through indie, jazz, and electronic elements. Preceded by singles like ‘KUNG FU’ and ‘OVER MY HEAD’, ‘CHARACTERS’ is a highly anticipated release that solidifies DLG.’s position as a burgeoning talent in the LA music scene, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its vibrant, multifaceted world.

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