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Tom Tyger Battles Against Charles B & VCTRY in "One Too Many"

We have been traveling around the world so often as of late, that we need to take some time and stop off in France to visit an old friend. Keeping our weekend fueled we have “One Too Many”, the latest track from Tom Tyger, Charles B & VCTRY over on Protocol. Tyger is a stable performer in the Protocol roster, has been keeping himself busy lately with multiple live performances and a few other tracks released in 2017 and 2018. Tom Tyger was even nominated as the “Best French DJ of 2016” by DJ Mag France and has received support from big names in the industry such as Avicii and Axwell ^ Ingrosso. Tom’s latest track when he collaborated with Korean producer Raiden, “C’est La Vibe”, elevated his career even further and been a staple hit at this season’s round of festivals. To top everything off, Tyger is teaming up with newcomers Charles B & VCTRY for the duo’s official debut!
Every so often you need a track like “One Too Many” to pay homage to its predecessors and appreciate exactly where modern music developed from. Clearly inspired by early UK-garage style electronic movements, Tyger and co. craft a classic 4/4 percussion that transports us back into the days of the bare-minimum parties in our local warehouse district. What actually impresses us, however, is the combination of a leather vocal hook and the hardcore funk instruments layering right on top. Tyger, you need to keep challenging the youth, especially if this is the result.
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