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Gwyn Love Adds to the Gwyn Love x La+ch Catalog With New Enraptured Single “pttrn”

Some collaborations simply can’t be stopped. On our latest dive into the world of dance pop we are checking out “pttrn”, the latest drop from Gwyn Love x La+ch. Gwyn Love began honing their talents early on with first picking up a cello at age 5. By age 11, Gwyn Love had already written their first song and was quickly on their way to discovering their own path down the music avenue. In the decade since, Love has tweaked their sound to become uniquely theirs, a blend of pop-electronica that we wouldn’t expect to find in small-town Oklahoma. Gwyn found a solid amount of success after the release of their debut EP At First Blush, with the EP’s lead single being picked up by popular playlists including Spotify’s “It’s A Bop”, Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” and Amazon’s “Fresh Pop” and “Brand New Music”

This was one of our top three favorite songs that La+ch and I made together. This song is emotional for me. This was the breaking point and the realization that no matter what I did, I couldn’t break the pattern of cheating that had happened with the people before and now me. He swore he could never do that to me, but in the end, the pattern continued. I knew it was time for me to leave and quit hoping I could fix it some how.” – Gwyn Love

After having already made a name for themselves in both the punk and dance pop worlds, Gwyn Love is continuing to shape themselves into a truly variety performer. With “pttrn” being the latest addition to the Gwyn Love x La+ch combo catalog, we are confident to say that these two need to official form their own act together, as both artists bring plenty to the table and their creative chemistry shines through the notes. Not only does Gwyn Love enrapture our hearts and minds with her innocent yet killer vocal performance, but it directly compliments La+ch’s larger than life production, with both artists enrapturing and captivating their audiences. We swear that with every collaboration beteen Gwyn Love x La+ch, we are being wrapped up in a web of their design, completely swoon and ready for their next drop.

Make sure you check out “pttrn” on YouTube below and over on Soundcloud!

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