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Kandle Embraces the Christmas Spirit With Sweeping New Single “Christmas Mourn”

It has been quite a long time since an artist has popped up on our radar where every single track they drop sounds completely different. On our latest drop into the indie world we have “Christmas Mourn”, the latest single from the ever-talented Kandle. Growing up in British Columbia with her father Neil Osborne, Kandle was able to experience the music industry from a rather unique perspective. Determined to move against the fray, Kandle made it clear that she has no desire to create disposable ear candy. She has no plans to chase playlist placements, as she simply just wants to tell her story. Following in the path laid for her by strong female icons like Nancy Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Shirley Bassey, her true love of music will serve as her guide. Kandle has already snagged the attention of audiences and critics, snagging a “Video of the Year” JUNO nomination as well as a Prism Prize award for her track “Not Up To Me.”

The only thing that can help folks like us to deal with the loneliness of a covid Christmas, is to attempt to write our very own Christmas classic. ” – Kandle

We have been following Kandle for at least a hot minute, and every time she brings something new to the table. Hell, last month we were graced with the theme song for the greatest James Bond film never made and now we are diving headfirst into the world of Christmas music. Kandle’s latest drop, “Christmas Mourn”, serves as a reflection of Kandle’s familiar circumstances around this time of year as well as a beautiful tribute to classic Christmas songs. Highlighting sweeping orchestral pieces and almost overwhelming background harmonies, “Christmas Mourn” gives us another look at Kandle’s cinematic pieces. Electrifying and powerful in her performance, we would definitely add Kandle’s “Christmas Mourn” into the official Christmas music canon.

Make sure you check out “Christmas Mourn” on Spotify below!

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Photo credit: Tess Ananda
Photo credit: Tess Ananda

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