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Months of Teasing, DNMO Drops Debut Definition Forbidden EP!

After plenty of time teasing the masses, the brand new EP is finally here. Kicking off this weekend we are trudging on over to Zed’s Dead’s Deadbeats label for the brand new Definition Forbidden EP from upcoming artist DNMO. At the meager age of 17, DNMO is already making plenty of waves in the dance music community with multiple successful releases under his belt already. While he has recently found his home with the Deadbeats family, DNMO has crushed many other milestones for upcoming artists. For example, DNMO is now the youngest artist to perform at the iconic American Red Rocks Amphitheatre. DNMO followed that up with multiple major festival appearances solidifying their new live experience. DNMO has the talent to make it in this industry, as long as he makes the right choices.

“Sick Of You” was written about a girl in your life that you cherish more than anyone else. It’s about old habits, ritual attraction and at times, pity, obscured the fact that this girl was a toxic ailment towards everyday life. We have been working with each other for the past year or so but only online. This time around we spent a week writing music in the studio together, which really helped us reach a whole new level of songwriting. Thought that experience we were able to capture the high energy vibe we were feeling at the time”.- DNMO

We have been teasing this EP off and on since the beginning of 2019 and we are so glad that it is finally here. DNMO has blown us away with his level of skill, contrary to his age and how long he has been kicking around in the scene.

While we were already familiar with “No Way Out” and “Sick of You“, DNMO decided to drop both of the remaining tracks.  “Definition Forbidden” and “Olifant”  finally finish off the EP, ending the months of teasing. Both of these new tracks are much darker in tone and sound, giving DNMO the freedom to showcase a bit of his range in terms of genre and skill. The EP feels like it slowly erodes down to just grimy instrumentals, and we couldn’t be more intrigued by it. We can’t wait to see what DNMO does next, keep your ears tuned for this artist for the rest of 2019.

Make sure you check out the Definition Forbidden EP on Spotify below, as well as some sweet visuals too!

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