DIY Detroit Rock Band Bus Stop Poets Tease Upcoming LP With New Single “Blow”

Detroit has been a hot pot for growing rock acts, and we are glad one of them bubbled up to our level. Formed back in 2012 by all Detroit native musicians, the Bus Stop Poets have determined that, in the spirit of DIY Detroit Rock, they need to take the current idea of rock and mold it into their ideal sound. With this idea ingrained in their minds, Bus Stop Poets found themselves with an interesting result. Sounding like the combination of Fleetwood Mac and the Raconteurs, the Bus Stop Poets have struck the ideal balance between traditional rock and blues…with an added edginess to showcase their Detroit roots.

The Bus Stop Poets are as ready as ever to share their idyllic sound with the world, starting off with their brand new single released early this month. The first single of their upcoming Leave It to the Kids LP, “Blow” feels like the modern-day homage to the pride and joy of the early 1970s. The track not only showcases the musicians’ admirable instrumental skills but allows the vocal work to shine through and transport listeners back to the past. The Bus Stop Poets have nailed down the sound of the late 1960s early 70s so well that we almost wouldn’t believe they are from our current decade. With this new trend in rock music thriving, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the LP. You can check out the rest of Leave It to the Kids LP on digital streaming services on July, 26th.

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