Enigmatic Producer AstroLizard Launches Invasion on Bass Music With Debut LP “Bizarre Universe”

We now live in a musical world where an astronaut lizard can thrive and we love it. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out Bizarre Universe, the debut LP from AstroLizard. With more and more artists and creatives yearning for privacy, we aren’t surprised to find another mysterious producer lurking around in our inbox. With the amount of many faceless producers on the rise, 2021 made room for this alien lizard creature to invade the bass scene and shake up the status quo. AstroLizard officially dropped their project debut back in February at Wakaan, catching their eye with a remix of Liquid Stranger’s hit “Psychonaut”. In quick succession, the fresh recruit dropped a slew of new singles including “Space Cowboy”, “Big Wub Energy” and “The Mutation”.  In just a few short months AstroLizard has already cemented a foundation for themselves in the bass music scene…this might be an actual invasion.

While we haven’t been diving deep into the bass music scene for very long, we want to say that some of the most unique artists thrive in the inner veins of the genre’s darkest crevices. One of these artists is definitely AstroLizard, who launched an invasion from the shadows and is now ready to set the stage for their first act. Serving as AstroLizard’s major introduction to the world, Bizarre Universe is an intriguing ten-track collection for the astronaut lizard featuring their previous singles as well as six new tracks primed to shake things up. Each track runs with the producer’s space-exploration motif, utilizing laser-inspired synths and futuristic beats to create an interesting other-worldly undertone to their tracks.  Since this is our first introduction to AstroLizard, our personal stand out track is “Space Cowboy” (we’ve had it on repeat throughout the office), but the entire Bizarre Universe is one that needs to be explored. Are you ready to don on your own spacesuit and go on an expedition? Just stick to unknown planets and not the ocean, thanks!

Make sure you check out Bizarre Universe on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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