Synth Pop is Rising Again! Check out Toronto Indie Trio Most People For “Call Me Up” New Synth Album

When you look to the independent scene, you can find some rather unique artists. These artists thrive in the independent space, as there are very few rules to follow when not policed by a prominent label. This time we take a break from the electronic world for a taste of synthpop with Call Me Up, the second album from Most People. Originally founded in Toronto back in 2011, Most People is an intriguing trio of musicians who create the blend of 80s synth and 90s hi-fi pop to create a soft yet eclectic sound that can thrive in the indie world. Most People are a unique group of talented musicians that clearly love what they have created and want to spread their signature style to the world.

“For us, this album has been a culmination of our nine years of working together. We pushed ourselves in every way; in the complexity of our song writing, the breadth of our collaborations and high bar we held in producing and recording it. We’re worked with Sydney Galbraith on every release we done in the past, and this time around was by far his best work as he helped turn our vision for an 80s hifi pop into a reality.” – Most People

Since Call Me Up is Most People’s second album out on the airwaves, Most People are making a splash in the synth-pop genre. The latest step in the evolution of  Most People, Call Me Up allows the trio to explore the stylings of commercial pop music from their childhood, back when pop was filled with jazz and far away from any bubblegum.  This album spreads the range of popular music in the era, from RnB love ballads to over the top beautiful and hilarious jazz-infused pop that will get you singing along to rather quickly. Our personal favorite track is the second track  “Lose My Mind”, mainly because we were hooked immediately by its funky intro and we can’t help but add our own vocal stylings, no matter how bad it may be. If you have been following us for even a little while now, you know we are suckers for funk.

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