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New Zealand Pop Duo FOLEY Drop Final Tease “Better Than Love” From Upcoming “Vacation” EP

While we are definitely no stranger to exploring international music acts, today we are exploring a new market that we haven’t discovered much before. On our latest dive into the indie pool, we are checking out “Better Than Love”, the newest single from New Zealand pop duo FOLEY. Built around the close friendship between musicians Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett, FOLEY is a unique musical act that doesn’t shy away from exploring honest and raw conversations from relationships to existential crises. The idea behind FOLEY has attracted a solid fanbase of like-minded 20 somethings who incredibly relate to the duo’s musings of love, life, and life long learning. Their debut EP On My Conscience was released back in 2020 and has quickly garnered buzz on commercial radio and streaming platforms, even reaching #10 on New Zealand’s Album Charts! Plenty of singles later, FOLEY is back with their final single “Better Than Love” from their upcoming EP Vacation that will drop on March 12th.

“This song was incredibly therapeutic for me – coming from a place of fear and mistrust and finally saying it out loud. Gabe has been in a relationship for a long time and, by comparison, being thrown into something completely new and terrifying, it’s the first time the two of us have had really contrasting experiences like this in our writing. When you have been hurt in the past you get into the mindset that nothing can be as good as it seems. I felt at one point like I shouldn’t try anymore because the way I built love up in my head could never be reached in reality. Self-sabotage is really powerful and you end up manifesting disappointment instead of hoping for something great.”

Since “Better Than Love” is the duo’s final single before dropping their full EP, it has to be meaningful right? Holding the idea of honest conversations close, “Better Than Love” explores the differences between the concept of love versus love’s true reality. The track utilizes soft and groovy pop melodies to create an innocent and welcoming atmosphere, begging the listener to join in on the conversation and explore the concept for themselves. With emotional and vulnerable lyrics, the track tackles this complex with ease thanks to the duo’s close personal friendship not hindering them from writing honestly. With the help of fellow long time collaborators Josh Naley (Wells*) and Jonathan Boyle (Julius Black), FOLEY crafted an addictive pop song that actually explores a deeper subject just below the surface. Make sure you check out the Vacaction EP on March 12th.

Make sure you check out “Better Than Love” on Spotify below and on Apple Music!

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Photo Credit: Frances Carter
Photo Credit: Frances Carter

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