Producer Fiin Starts 2021 On His Own Minimalist Journey With His Latest Single “A Better Way”

With how 2021 is turning out so far, taking a more minimal approach to your 2021 debut is probably a grand idea. On our latest visit over to Ultra Records we were able to check out “A Better Way”, Fiin’s first single of 2021. Already making waves in the electronic music community, Fiin is completely taking over Miami’s electronic scene very early on in his career. The host of a weekly show known as “Relic” over at 1-800-Lucky, Fiin’s show has become a main staple in the community. Fiin is also the youngest ever resident at the Heart Nightclub, having performed with powerhouse producers such as Paco Osuna and Hot Since 82. Plenty of this local success launched Fiin onto the global stage, giving him the opportunity to perform at major festivals on multiple continents.

A very simple track, but every sound is where it needs to be. For me it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon track, my favorite day of the week.” – FIIN

When it comes to producing music, regardless of genre, a song does not have to be complex in order to be good. Frankly, some artists go too overboard and make their track too complex thus crowding the track’s core elements.  As long as each sound and beat is put in exactly the right space/timing, even the simplest and most minimalist track will find an audience. Fiin’s latest track, “A Better Way” slots perfectly into the minimalist category, while also not feeling basic or amateurish.  Opening with an almost ethereal melody and urging the instrumentals to take over, the track creates an illusion that we are deep within the jungle and experiencing nature’s own sound. Fiin adds a does of tribal vocals throughout the track, determined to sell this illusion home and invite the listener to the experience. Perfect for lounging on any type of day, “A Better Way” is electronic minimalism done correctly.

Make sure you check out “A Better Day” on Spotify below!

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