Denis First and DØBER Drop Groovy Remixes of Deniz Koyu’s “Next To You”

Even though we fell in love with “Next To You”, we are always open to another interpretation. This time around we are revisiting Protocol for two remixes of Deniz Koyu’s “Next To You”, courtesy of Denis First and DØBER. A veteran in the world of progressive and electro house, Koyu has been rather busy leading these genres and molding them into their modern iterations. With massive hits such as “Tung!”, “Bong”, and the house indie pop fusion that ended up as “Paradise”, Koyu is determined to assist these genres in growing back to their peak. Koyu has been diligently at work with KO:YU, releasing a few high profile remixes for The Chainsmokers and Alesso. We may not have many moments to just let Deniz take the stage, but he always adds a solid contribution to every track he collaborates in.

While we are absolutely obsessed with Koyu’s original track, both of these new remixes bring a different version of the track we wouldn’t expect to hear. Both Denis and DØBER take complementary approaches, embracing much of the original track prior to the big room drop. Denis enhances the upbeat tone and bounce factor, priming his version for plenty of radio play. On the other side of the coin, DØBER takes the track in a darker direction, using more cinematic and underground sounds to highlight his version’s overall groove. Two quality remixes from two solid Protocol artists, these show that the original track has plenty of versatility.

Make sure you check out both the DØBER and Denis First remixes of “Next To You” below!

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