Talented Nor Cal Artist Audriix Drops New 2021 Women Empowerment Single “Waste a Goodbye”

While we are always excited to check out music from around the world, sometimes we just need to stay local and peer into our own backyard. On this week’s dive into the world of indie we are checking out “Waste a Goodbye”, the latest drop from the talented Audriix. Growing up here in Northern California, Audriix knew that she was born to be a musician and impact the world. Begging for lessons to master the violin at age 2, Audriix would not be limited by the instrument and master as many as she could. She may have started writing songs at age 6, but it wasn’t until studying at Stanford that she began to produce her own material. You know, while she was earning three degrees and had mastered the piano, violin, viola, guitar, drums, and singing. Audriix dropped her first professional EP Colors back in 2015 and followed up with her first full-length album Status Change in 2019. She found success with her previous single “Deep Breaths” last year, receiving praise for her empowerment of women in her music.

“Sometimes in a relationship specifically, you get to a point where you’ve tried everything to make it work and you’ve been pushed to the edge, but you are still hanging on reminiscing about all of the good times and memories you have.  You don’t want it all to have all been for nothing and can’t bear to go through the pain of a goodbye. I’ve always had this view that you have to go down the list of all the wrong people you’re going to date in order to get to the right person at the bottom of the list.” – Audriix

Now that 2021 is in full swing, Audriix popped on our radar and we have no idea how we haven’t heard her music sooner. Keeping the concept of women empowerment front and center, Audriix’s latest release “Waste a Goodbye” doesn’t pull any punches. What makes Audriix’s music addictive is her brutal honesty within each note and lyric, just eagerly awaiting to be shared with the masses. This latest track showcases all of her different instrumental skills, with a combination of piano, guitar, and Audriix’s vocal performance blending seamlessly into a dream-pop marvel. Even if this is your first introduction to Audriix and her message through her music, it is definitely worth a listen and a slot in your rotation. We will definitely be keeping an eye on Audriix’s career as it blooms throughout the rest of the year.

Make sure you check out “Waste a Goodbye” on YouTube below and on Spotify!

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