Singapore Producer MYRNE Drops New “Wandering EP” An Electronic Emotive Story

The more we focus on different regions throughout the world, we tend to forget about unique music coming from other talented artists we don’t focus on enough. This time around we are heading on over to Ultra Records for the Wandering EP, the latest drop from producer MYRNE. Debuting on the electronic scene in Singapore back in 2015, MYRNE used his debut “Softsins” EP to become the first Asian artist on the Mad Decent imprint. MYRNE takes an interesting approach to the electronic indie style, deriving plenty from his training as a classical musician. Over the following years, this producer has made his mark through multiple other projects with longtime collaborators. MYRNE hits it out of the bark with his live performances, entertaining thousands over various live tours throughout Asia and the United States.

A collection of songs that I wrote while in a period of self-discovery and aimless wandering. Nature and day-to-day existence definitely inspired this record, and it feels very liberating writing music spontaneously without conscious planning. It was a little odd sitting down to write without a goal in mind, but once I overcame that barrier, the process was extremely fun and relaxing.” – MYRNE

After multiple teases, we are glad to announce and check out MYRNE’s Wandering EP, now in full! Wandering features four brand new unreleased tracks from MYRNE’s production sessions, as well as the three previously released drops “Forbidden Lovers,” “Sleeping On My Own Again,” and “Splinter.” This EP is a unique addition to the MYRNE collection, showing his sonic journey as he grows and develops his unique sound and style. While you may find one or two tracks that stand out to you, we highly recommend you give with full Wandering EP a listen in one sitting. Weaving in and out through the emotional soundscapes, the journey that MYRNE beckons for you to join in on is definitely an experience.

Make sure you check out Wandering on Spotify below!

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