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Rockabilly is Still Alive and Kicking, Indie Retro Quartet Lucky 757 Release New Album "Memphis Sun"

While we may live under the electric sky, nothing tickles our heartstrings more than some solid rockabilly. Taking a break from the wired world for a spell, we have Memphis Sun the brand new album from the modern retro alternative quartet Lucky 757.  Founded back in 2014 in Portsmouth, VA, Lucky 757 originally began as a father-son duo (Danny and Corey) focusing on honing a rockabilly sound that the classic artists would be proud of.
Once they recruited bassist Sam Haga and drummer Angel Lopez, Lucky 757 began touring around the area and down the coast before releasing their self-titled debut album back in 2015. Since then, Lucky 757 as performed in a number of independent festivals and released an LP as well as the instrumental surf rock album Lonesome Lagoon, snagging them additional buzz and praise among prominent members of the blogosphere.
In a successful effort in revisiting the original rockabilly sound that initially caught their interest, Lucky 757 joined again for another session at the legendary “room” in Sun Studios. During those sessions, Lucky 757 was able to carve at three brand new tracks, giving birth to Memphis Sun. While all three tracks are definitely worth listening to, we have had “Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry” on repeat the entire time we’ve been crafting this article.

The track not only feels like a blast from the past, revisiting the 1950’s a fresh rockabilly performance. At the same time, since modern music has become so drastically diverse since then, the track feels modern and fits right in with today’s music. Lucky 757 will continue to surprise you on each track of Memphis Sun, to the point where you won’t know if you are even still in 2019. Keep your eyes on Lucky 757 for examples of pure talent and dedication.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry” on YouTube below!

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