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The Funk Hunters Infuse Disco Back Into Music With “Party Rockin”

To help satisfy the Monday work-day droll, we bring you new fresh music. Today we have “Party Rockin”, the latest from The Funk Hunters over at Westwood Recordings. The track is The Funk Hunters’ second single off of their upcoming album Typecast, that will be available for release on March 23rd. Created after the two brains behind the project, Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith, met in Canada while attending film school; The Funk Hunters has been a forward-thinking monster in terms of production quality. With influences in hip-hop, classic soul, and funk, we can’t wait to see what the rest of Typecast will sound like in March.

While the “party rock anthem” may be a familiar one, it was quite an unpredictable move for The Funk Hunters to take a stab at it. The Funk Hunters succeed in re-creating the awesome trip back to the disco, filled with energetic bursts that just want us to bust out our worst dance moves. “Party Rockin” is a treat to breakdancers as well, as the addictive vocal riff and the sweet jazzy instrumental is just an absolute treat to the body and the mind. Since the track is the second single from Typecast, can we say that we have high hopes that we will love this album?

Make sure you give “Party Rockin'” a full listen below!

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