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Synth-Pop Songwriter Matías Roden Releases Melancholic Single “Close Your Eyes”

Now that Pride month is in full swing, we’ve been eagerly waiting for some queer synth-pop to make it our way. On our latest peek and the synth-pop scene we are checking out “Close Your Eyes”, the latest from Matias RodenMatías Roden is a Peruvian-Canadian singer-songwriter based in Vancouver whose musical journey seamlessly blends his diverse cultural background with influences from classic British synth-pop and modern production techniques. After gaining recognition in the city’s indie pop scene, Matías caught the attention of acclaimed producer Louise Burns, leading to a record deal with Light Organ Records/604 Records. His music explores deeply personal themes such as mental health struggles, multicultural upbringing, and LGBTQ+ identity, showcased through raw and honest lyrics. With a debut single, “Snow Angel,” released in November 2023 and an eagerly anticipated EP on the horizon, Matías Roden’s rise promises to be a captivating journey of self-expression and musical exploration.

I wanted the lyrics to be a little creepy to mirror how this character singing thinks of himself, like a monster for hurting someone else emotionally. It’s about what keeps you up at night when you go to sleep, what’s inside your mind that is torturing you.” 

Gearing up to release his debut EP on Light Organ Records, produced by the acclaimed singer-songwriter Louise Burns, the latest single “Close Your Eyes” combines an upbeat synth-pop melody with melancholic lyrics about guilt and regret after a heartbreak. The music video, set in the 19th century and filmed at the Roedde House Museum in Vancouver and an old-fashioned gazebo in Burnaby’s Central Park, portrays a secret love affair between two gay men.

The story delves into their emotional struggles and the societal pressures of the era, leading one to abandon the relationship and meet an untimely death. He returns as a spectral, vampire-like figure, haunting his ex-lover, symbolizing the enduring pain of unresolved guilt and unfulfilled love. This haunting narrative adds a rich, historical layer to the song’s emotional depth, making it a compelling and poignant release.

Make sure you check out “Close Your Eyes” on YouTube below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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