Queer Pop Artist Mike Taveria Releases 3rd Single “Karma”, Exploring Sexual Identity

With more people opening up and understanding the varying orientations and identities on the sexual spectrum, the more unique personalities are rising to the top. While digging around in the indie world we have “Karma”, a brand new single from pop artists Mike Taveira. Gaining initial success for “Curious”, his pansexual pop anthem released earlier this year, Mike Taveira has snagged the attention of tastemakers in both the music and queer communities. Choosing his musical career to detail his personal journey, Taveira uses this medium to reach others who are confused with their sexual identity and be a pansexual idol that he didn’t have during his childhood. While he only has three singles released this far, Taveira has all the makings of a force in the queer pop world.

I do believe in karma and I do believe she is coming. She just likes to wait for the perfect timing and I was impatient, which led to the song,. We wanted to have a simple but effective video to showcase how it feels to constantly receive karma on your end and the result came to dodgeballs being decked at my face.”” – Mike Taveira

He might not be a seasoned performer just yet, but he is well on his way with a single like “Karma”. Taveira uses a simple video concept, but the concept works as it explores the vulnerability and complicated nature of sexual identity. Taveira weaves in addictive RnB beats and groove into each beat of “Karma”, giving listeners the chance to groove along while they listen to Taveira’s story. While the track does tackle a difficult subject, “Karma” also preaches Taveira’s core message “be true to yourself, whoever you love, whatever you identity as, and whatever life throws your way,” We simply can’t wait to see how Taveira’career will develop.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Karma” on YouTube below!

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Cover photo credit: David-Simon Dayan

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