Indie Soul Trap Producer Yash Banshal Releases Personal Growth EP “What is it like to be loved?”

The world of trap music and usage in today’s society has evolved in a direction that didn’t expect. On our latest peek into the bass music world we are checking out What is it like to be loved?, the latest EP from Yash Banshal. With the number of tools and what feels like an endless amount of styles and subgenres to choose from, the first set of gets are as wide open as possible for new artists to pop onto the scene. However, that also means that some subgenres are becoming more saturated, so you have to have the right approach to lure audiences into your camp, While Banshal started his career with his first EP back in 2019, this time around he has a more intimate and personal approach tor his latest drop. After the absolutely insane previous year and a half, more people need to step into a similar mindset.

This EP is a letter to myself about the things I consider flaws within me and how much it affects my mental state. I wanted to have a very clear emphasis on telling a story that was personal and dear to me rather than just having a few songs that just showcased my sound. I aim to have a lot of transparency with my music that brings the listeners into my consciousness so they can relate with my own experiences.” – Yash Bansal

Now that so many artists today are focusing on EP drops instead of full album releases, we admire artists who can tell a similar story in just a few tracks. The latest addition to the Yash Bansal catalog, What is it like to be loved? is a self-exploration of our inner flaws and how it affects our day to day lives. Over the course of four tracks, Banshal peels back a few top layers of his personal psyche so audiences can join in on his own personal journey, hopefully lighting the path for listeners to take their own trips inward. Each track, while keeping with a similar theme of soulful lyrics meets glitch/bass music, showcases Banshal’s range as a producer and interesting usage of trap music, away from its more energetic party-centric roots. We are still catching Yash Bansal pretty early on in his career, and we personally can’t wait to see where else he takes his soulful trap sound;

Make sure you check out What is it like to be loved? on Spotify below or over on Soundcloud!

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