Lhasa Petik Showcases Minimalist Bedroom Electropop In Latest Single “Hard To Be Young”

When you have this amount of skills at your disposal, make sure you utilize each one of them. On our latest dive into the indie world we have “Hurts To Be Young”, the latest single from triple threat Lhasa Petik. While she may embody the true essence of a singer/songwriter, Lhasa is already much more than that this early on in her career. Lhasa could easily be a hidden gem in the indie music scene surrounding Winnepeg, having already amassed over 1 million online streams of her tracks. Lhasa isn’t a one-trick pony either, as she is yet another musician that rocks the sweet multi-instrumentalist title. If she isn’t already strumming her guitar or ukelele, she also plays violin, stand-up, electric bass, and piano! While we may have just hopped on the Lhasa fan train with her previous single “Here and Gone”, we already know she is an artist that we definitely need to keep our eyes on.

“Hurts to be Young” is about the challenges that come with growing up, and the nostalgia I get when I look back on my childhood. As I have gotten older, the pressures of society have become a more present force in my life and sometimes intrusive thoughts creep in. I feel like I always looked forward to being an adult, but now that I’m here, I miss the days where my biggest worry was how late I’d get to stay out biking with the neighbors. This tune is about those days, and trying to get back to the headspace I was in, because although I am older, I don’t always feel wiser. This is the first time in my life that I’ve dealt with any type of anxiety, and depression started seeping in when I was in middle school. However, all that being said, I get glimpses of my carefree self, and even when there’s shit going on, I always make it out on the other side.” – Lhasa Petik

The more we dive deep and explore the world of indie and alt-pop music, the more we discover how artists can tweak a tried and true formula to make it their own. While we haven’t explored much of Lhasa’s catalog, both of her most recent singles serve as a solid introduction to Lhasa’s work. “Hurts To Be Young” features Lhasa in a more stripped down and delicate performance, allowing her to perform in her rawest capacity. If you are interested in a more “bedroom electronic” style of indie pop, Lhasa’a’s use of minimalist electronics and soft synth work is exactly what you are looking for. Serving as her own trip down memory lane, “Hurts To Be Young” explores the struggles of growing old yet also bleeds nostalgia for simpler moments in our life. Let Lhasa’s voice and songwriting be the framework for your own trip down memory lane in sweet indie pop fashion.

Make sure you check out “Hurts to Be Young” on Soundcloud below!

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