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Vancouver’s SUGARFUNGUS Drops Debut EP “Letting Go, Moving Still”, A Surreal Dream-Pop Wonder

We’ve heard some completely off-the-wall names for bands in our day, but today’s is definitely one for the books. On our latest visit to our friends up North we are checking out “What’s A Used One Worth?” and Letting Go, Moving Still, major drops from the band SUGARFUNGUS. Embodying the alternative sounds and styles of Vancouver, SUGARFUNGUS. was created back in 2020 remotely, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. Describing themselves as a “group of introverts making dance music”, SUGARFUNGUS originally began with a dreamy bedroom pop sound, but expanded their scope to find a style within the classic rock and nu-jazz genres. This emerging 5-piece collective consists of lead singer Tess Meckling, bassist Alex Marr, lead guitarist Bradan Decicco, keyboardist Jackson Moore, and drummer Ivan Barbou, who each bring their own musical influences and talents to the SUGARFUNGUS id. The collective is inspired by science, nature, and dance music, hell even the name SUGARFUNGUS comes from the literal translation of Saccharomyces yeast, used in wine, beer, and bread.

Well the name of their band definitely caught our eye, but how well can they hold onto it with their music? While they may only have a handful of traditional singles under their belt, SUGARFUNGUS is moving forward in full stride with their debut EP Letting Go, Moving Stilfinally breathing out on the airwaves. While the album is filled to the brim with warm and fuzzy tracks, the band toes genre lines with their use of catchy guitar melodies and atmospheric synths. These elements just wrap the listener into their own personal safe bubble while lost in their tracks, with each song taking them deeper and deeper into the music experience waiting for them.  While “What’s A Used One Worth?” is our personal favorite track, as we can’t get enough of Meckling’s hypnotic performance, Letting Go, Moving Still is definitely worth diving into fully when you have a moment to spare. While we’re not normally fans of mushrooms, this SUGARFUNGUS is definitely a solid one in our book.

Make sure you check out “What’s A Used One Worth?” on Soundcloud below!

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