Cloe Wilder Puts Her Rebellious Moment In the Spotlight in New Single “Fake ID”

She might be young, but she still reminds us of our little moments of rebellion during our teenage years. On our latest visit to the indie world we are checking out “Fake ID”, the latest from Cloe Wilder. Cloe Wilder, an extraordinary 17-year-old artist, deviates from typical teenage pursuits to focus on her passion for music. With a background in classical piano and a preference for Lana Del Rey over Mozart, she attended her first writing camp at 12 and found her calling. Collaborating with songwriter/producer Sam Nicolosi, their partnership led to her debut EP, “Teenage Lullabies,” in 2021. The standout single, “In the Next Life,” showcased a talent beyond her years, and their collaboration continued with her recent single, “House by the Water.” This delicate and beautiful composition explores the uncertainties of teenagehood, capturing the essence of leaving childhood behind. Despite the inherent nostalgia, the song also carries a distinct note of hope, defining a new sonic and emotional direction for Cloe Wilder as she navigates the universal experience of growing up.

When I turned 17, I thought it was time to get a fake ID. It was my only ever act of rebellion. I wanted to write a little story around it. For the most part, it’s a real thing that ended up happening in my life, but I think the whole song more represents my timeline of being 17.” – Cloe Wilder

Cloe Wilder, the distinctive 17-year-old artist, shares the inspiration behind her song, stemming from a moment of rebellion when she decided to obtain a fake ID at the age of 17. While the narrative is grounded in a real-life experience, the song serves as a broader reflection on the complexities of navigating the challenges of adolescence. Wilder’s musical style, marked by earthy melodies and a breathy vocal tone, draws comparisons to a young Taylor Swift with a Floridian twist. Her intimate and witty lyrics, showcased in songs like “Super 8” and “House by the Water,” offer dream-like recollections of places and internal emotions. Influenced by Bon Iver but holistically inspired by Lana Del Rey, Cloe Wilder paints a nostalgic and deeply personal picture of her 17-year-old self through her evocative storytelling in the folk pop-leaning realm of her music.

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