LA’s Garrett Zoukis Kicks off 2024 With Smooth, Uptempo Single “Senses”

We know we say this every time, but rap is slowly becoming more prominent in our playlists, so more features are on the horizon. Anyway, on our latest peek into the indie rap world we are checking out “Senses”, the latest from Garret Zoukis. Garrett Zoukis, an artist originally from the DMV area and now based in LA, has transitioned from being a young, witty rapper with a dedicated online fan base to becoming a skilled lyricist and a versatile artist. He gained early recognition in his hometown, opening for artists like Logic, Mike, & Skizzy Mars, and even played Division One baseball at the University of Cincinnati before dedicating himself to music full-time. Despite leaving his athletic pursuits, his music continues to resonate with athletes. In recent years, Zoukis has been making a significant impact in LA, consistently releasing music, achieving viral success with his freestyle videos, and selling out shows at prestigious Hollywood venues.

“How do you forget someone when everything reminds you of them?. They slip your mind until you hear that song they showed you or smell the perfume they used to wear and suddenly, like a damn that just broke, you’re flooded with memories. That’s what I wanted the song to capture.” – Garrett Zoukis

Garrett Zoukis, the talented rapper straight out of LA, just dropped his latest jam, “Senses,” making it his first release of the year. The track is a smooth ride, diving into how our senses play a role in remembering someone special. It hits you with that realization that, despite holding onto those feelings and memories, life keeps changing. Zoukis has been on fire in the LA scene, not just with his regular music drops, but also scoring big with freestyle videos that went viral. Imagine this – he’s been selling out shows at some of Hollywood’s coolest spots.

Now, as we’re all hyped up for more tunes from Zoukis throughout the year, “Senses” is a sneak peek into his lyrical magic and how he spins stories that hit you right in the feels. This guy isn’t just about the studio; he’s got this live performance thing down, having rocked the stage and sold out places where dreams are made in Hollywood. Zoukis is not just shaping rap music; he’s practically rewriting the rules with each release. “Senses” is just a taste of his ability to blend stories and beats, leaving us all hooked and proving he’s a force to be reckoned with in the music game.

Make sure you check out “Senses” on Spotify below!

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