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Indian Producers Teri Miko & Madoc Release "Feels Real" on Spinnin’

While more of the time when we go to other countries for a taste of their music scenes, we end up in Europe. However, this week that is going to change. Closing out our weekend we have “Feels Real”, the most recent release for Indian producers Teri Miko and Madoc. Teri has spent the last decade of her vibrant career striving to become the most prominent producer in all of India. While she is normally known for her bass-heavy style, she showcases her skill of switch up her sounds this time around. Her fellow producer Madoc has already been making waves and has become a veteran of today’s industry. Madoc’s style focuses on house music, but with clear rap and hip-hop influences. Madoc continues to experiment with styles and genres, tweaking everything until he can find something that fits.
“Feels Real” is a track that obviously is hiding a deeper meaning just right under the surface. The duo team up with ever-growing popular vocalist Elle Vee who brings a glimpse of reality in a world of surrealism. The track highlights both of Teri’s and Madoc’s styles, focusing on their lush production work and use of organic instruments. We need to see the use of organic instruments increase, as incorporating them into your track takes it to another level.

Super excited about this release! It’s going to be my first sort of pop release on a major label! Waited a long time for this!! Teri and I first started planning our collab almost a year ago!” – Madoc

Make sure you check out “Feels Real” on Spotify below!

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