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Just One Week Later, VCATION Releases Lyric Video for Debut Single "Lay Low"

UPDATE: VCATION isn’t slowing down for one second, as one week after release the duo drop a fantastic lyric video for their latest release “Lay Low”. VCATION took a unique approach to their lyric video, as it was created by collecting multiple pieces of text from various magazines and publications from 1982 to 2018. You can find a full list of the publications involved on the lyric video’s YouTube page. Credit to Maja Nylund, Sofia Petersson, Joel S. Bergström and Erik Bejmar for making such a complimentary video!
While it is often that songwriters like to stay somewhat within the shadows where they can completely dive into their work without all of the glitz and glamour, our newest addition to the MiR family have decided to take a step into the light. This week we have the official debut of VCATION and their first official track “Lay Low”. Known as the songwriters behind many modern popular electronic hits from Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, Avicii, and Martin Garrix, John Martin and Michel Zitron have spent most of their careers making powerhouses famous. Now, after plenty of time working together, the duo have created VCATION to be their creative outlet that they always wanted.
Now how did VCATION do with their official debut? Let’s say we already have added it to our company playlist and have been blasting it for the last few days. While we are trying to use the track to fill our office we joy, this is definitely a hit-the-road and explore late summer anthem. “Lay Low” is definitely the soundtrack to your life in vacation mode, as VCATION expertly create a pop-infused groove that invokes feelings of happiness with each playthrough. VCATION is going to be a complete monster and a must watch for the rest of 2018.
nothing really matters, might as well watch the sun go down. ‘Lay Low’ is about allowing yourself a break, a breath of fresh air and maybe just pulling the curtains down for a day. The world is f…d up, and we play a bit with irony in the song regarding the current state of society, and regarding ourselves and our own behaviorsHowever, it can be kinda depressing, and without being ignorant to what’s going on in the world, it’s sometimes okay to just be and dream away for a while.” – VCATION
Make sure you check out the lyric video for “Lay Low” below!

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