Alt-Pop Artist Alaska Reid Drop “Warm” The Next Stage In Her Journey “Big Bunny” EP

She hasn’t been on our radar for very long, but we are definitely enjoying this ride so far. As we dive into the indie pool this time around we have “Warm”, the final single from Alaska Reid’s newest EP Big Bunny. Originally bursting onto the scene as a member of the band Alyeska, Alaska rediscovered her love of music while splitting her time between LA and her home in Montana. Before finally taking the step onto the solo career path, Alaska and Alyeska recorded their Crush EP at the legendary The Music Shop studio prior to closing. From dive bars in Montana to the Sunset Strip of LA and now honing her skill in New York, we have no idea where Alaska Reid’s career will take her next.

 “‘Warm’ is a retrospective about playing shows and hanging around LA in my late teens / early twenties and feeling pretty lonely within it all. The song spans Montana and Los Angeles – A. G. Cook and I recreated that in the video, going between the two, shooting at the beach and then in my hometown between the Yellowstone River & the train tracks.” – Alaska Reid

While the indie-pop world may be overly-saturated, especially as the means of music production become more accessible, how you use your latest project is how you’re going to be noticed. Alaska uses her Big Bunny EP as a medium to detail her life story one step at a time, and “Warm” is the next step in her life journey. Detailing her life in Los Angeles in her late teens, “Warm” shows Alaska’s fondness for classic alt-pop sounds that need to be brought back to the fold. Created in partnership with A.G. Cook, the track’s music video slots nicely in line with the track’s themes, depicting this stage in Alaska’s life and the evolving sound of her music.

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