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Tokyo Collective millenium parade Releases Debut Album + New “Homunculus” Anime OP “Trepenation”

If you have been following Modern Neon for any amount of time, you know that anime is right behind music in our interests. On today’s dive we are heading out to Tokyo for “Trepanation”, one of the newest singles from the band millenium parade. For the unfamiliar, millenium parade is a Tokyo-based musical collective led by the talented Daiki Tsuneta, who you may also know from the King Gou. Bursting onto the scene back in 2019, the collective want to leave their mark in as many different ways as possible while recruiting artists from fields including music, film direction, visual effects, design and illustration. millenium parade’s launch party utilized live shows and 3D technology, immediately selling out as a result. A year later, the band’s single “Fly with me” was used as the opening for the globally renowned Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045 anime and would even receive the remix treatment from DJ Steve Aoki. Now millenium parade is further expanding their reach on the global scale with their debut album THE MILLENIUM PARADE. 

“I wanted to create something edgy and modern, and I think ‘Trepanation’ is the most stylish song I’ve created thus far. More than anything, I’m excited to see the latest stage of rebellious animator Ryoji Yamada’s work. I hope you enjoy the trip!” – Daiki Tsuneta

We mean, as it is evidently clear, we can go on and on about how talented and astounding millenium parade is. While this may be one of our first introductions to the millenium parade collective, just one look at their debut album and you can say we are beyond impressed. While the entire album definitely deserves a listen, if you only have time for a sneak peek then definitely put “Trepenation” on your list. The track itself is an electropop gem featuring the talents of Japanese vocalist Friday Night Plans, but where the track absolutely sells is its music video. The music video tells the story of a half-built android girl activated on a post-apocalyptic Earth where humanity is non-existent, all within a beautifully animated package. Hell, “Trepenation” was even selected as the opening for the live-action film adaptation of Hideo Yamamoto’s psychological horror manga Homunculus directed by Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On/The Grudge). You can watch Homonculus streaming worldwide exclusively on Netflix.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Trepenation” on YouTube below and their full album on your favorite streaming service!

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