Toronto Singer Songwriter Peter Drucker Pull On Our Heartstrings With “Concrete”

We hate to admit it…we are suckers for artists who can belt out their feelings with the ivory keys at their fingertips. This week’s indie darling is “Concrete”, the most recent single from singer-songwriter Peter Drucker. Still rather fresh on the scene with an official debut back in 2018, Peter came prepared fully stocked with tracks of all kinds ready for the masses. Taking every chance to grow in the Toronto music scene, Peter uses every minute to hone his craft/sound and write new songs. Whether they are synth-pop led by an electric guitar, ballads accompanied by beautiful strings, or simply Peter taking a few beats to strike at the ivory keys, you can’t help to be swoon by his personality.  Quickly building his audience and network, Peter Drucker may easily become a mainstay in the Toronto synthpop niche.

“Each song tries to say something. If people don’t talk about it, don’t respond, then it’s back to square one. But every day I wake up excited, sketching a little bit closer to whatever that truth is.” – Peter Drucker

From striking the very first note, Peter Drucker wraps us around his finger with his innocent yet convincing vocal performance. However, the most important element “Concrete” shows is his pure level of enthusiasm and excitement within each note/performance. Peter is young and ambitious, ready to bite at any opportunity that comes his way and it clearly shows. The experience is heartfelt and emotional, all while accompanied by a fantastic lyricist. Overall, “Concrete is a fantastic amalgamation of each of Peter’s different facets of his raw style. If you are interested in the indie-pop genre growing just slightly to our north, you should keep an eye on Peter Drucker.

Make sure you check out “Concrete” on Spotify and the official lyric video below!

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Peter Drucker

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