Rising Dubstep Producer Franky Nuts Drops Flux Pavilion Remix “Somebody Else”

While we might be past the golden age of dubstep, artists continue to show how adaptable of a genre it can be. Making the next spot on our journey with a fresh new stop at Circus Records for a brand new Franky Nuts remix of Flux Pavilion “Somebody Else”. If you haven’t been paying attention to the international dubstep stage, Franky Nuts might not have come across your radar just yet. Shining bright from the Netherlands, Franky Nuts burst onto the scene last year (2019) and immediately caught the eye of Flux Pavillion. Quickly signing Franky to Circus Records, Franky already received millions of plays on his discography just over the summer. Dropping 11 releases with his new home label, Franky Nuts has found his footing and is ready to take the rest of the world by storm.

While we have been incredibly distracted by the multiple drops and successes of progressive and house music, we didn’t even notice this rising dubstep star. Franky Nuts’s remix gives us a glance under the hood at his growing and evolving style. It has definitely been an interesting time to watch dubstep grow, and Franky Nuts is showing just what you can do within the confines of melodic dubstep. His “Somebody Else” remix puts his signature style on display, filled with plenty of rising crescendo’s/melodies and stabbing percussions. Hidden in the roots, Frank Nuts’s unique flair shines through and kills it.

Make sure you check out Franky Nuts’s remix on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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