The Music Sounds Better With Whom? Will AI Replace Music’s Human Touch?

When you have the chance to make something new and the first of its kind, you need to actively pursue it. This time we were visited by independent director Chasson Gracie who dropped off his latest short film The Music Sounds Better with Whom? With the continued involvement of machine learning and artificial intelligence in our everyday personal lives, The Music Sounds Better with Whom? explores the impact of AI on music production and djing in general. As streaming services continue to infect out everyday music listening habits, is there a chance that Spotify and Apple Music could replace a traditional live performance? Currently finding success on its initial documentary run, the film has snagged a handful of awards and acclaim, including Best Documentary at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival!

“Music is one of the most emotional experiences on earth but since the increasing impact of artificial intelligence, we’ve been subtly moving away from music’s more humanistic elements. This documentary explores these issues.” – Chasson Gracie

As the last few years of the 2010s have shown us, documentaries are incredibly popular and intriguing. At the moment, you could find plenty of documentaries about anything you desire and it quickly can become draining. Yet when one doc floats to the top, it makes its voice heard. The Music Sounds Better With Whom? combines two of our favorite topics in the world, music and tech, to beg the necessary question. Can AI use machine learning to replace the human element of music production? Director Chasson Gracie opens the stage for this conversation with interviews from both producers and data scientists, showing both sides of the coin. We haven’t even considered that artificial intelligence would wrap themselves and intertwine into music, with Chasson Gracie shining the first light.

Make sure you check out The Music Sounds Better With Whom? on Amazon Prime Video! We’ve dropped the trailer for you below:

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