YOUR ANGEL Reveals New Album, ‘A Star in the Headlights’, Indie-pop With Psy Flair.

While making your initial splash is your first biggest milestone, your sophomore effort is just as important. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out A Star in the Headlights, the latest drop from YOUR ANGEL 

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TEKE::TEKE Announce New Album “Hagata” Out June 9 via Kill Rock Stars | Share “Garakuta” Single + Animated Video via Consequence

While we feature quite an array of bands and artists on Modern Neon, there are only a few like today’s feature that lives in our heads rent-free. On our latest dive into the rock world we are checking out “Garakuta”, …

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Tastemakers LSDREAM & INZO Guide Us Un A Psychedelic Funk Trip In New Single “BLASTA”

There are often moments in our lives where we just need a guide to take us on a wild electronic journey, if only for some perspective. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out “BLASTA”, the latest …

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MR. BLACK Premieres Multiple Unreleased Tracks During Telsa-Powered “Lift Your Energy” Live Set

When you reach a certain level as a producer and tastemaker, you understand that any normal limits that lie in your path are removed and you have full creative control. On our latest peek at the EDM world we are …

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Psych-Rockers Elephant Stone Start the “M. Lonely” Adventure With Full Album On The Horizon

We are beyond thrilled to go back down this rabbit hole…Alice is waiting for us. On our latest dive into the psych-rock world we are checking out “M. Lonely”, the latest single released from Elephant Stone.  Based out of Montreal, …

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Toronto Psych-Rockers Lammping Tease New EP With New Spacey Single “Everlasting Moor”

The deeper we dive into this psych-rock pool, the more we are starting to realize that Canadian rock bands might just be leading this current wave. On our latest visit to our Northern neighbors, we are checking out “Everlasting Moor” …

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Innovative Experimentalist Jude Shuma Releases Epic Psy Album + Comic Book “Suzy Space Cadet”

Every time we step in the world of psych music, we never know what we are stepping into. On our latest peek into this ever-evolving world we are checking out Suzy Space Cadet, the latest project drop from Jude

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Psych-Rock Art Project Silver Relics Tease Reborn Sound In New Addictive Single “Tails”

The more we dive into the growing world of psych-rock, the more we are seeing just how limitless the boundaries are for creativity. On our latest peek into the psych-rock world we are checking out “Tails”, the latest single from …

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Talented Performer JonoJosh Details His Mixed Race Experience in New Single “Half”

When you have the skills to move from the background to the main stage, you need to take that chance before it disappears. This time around we are checking out “Half”, the most recent single from performer JonoJosh. Better …

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The Nut Job: Don’t Trust Raccoons

Hello everybody! Today’s review is of a family friendly film (for once). Today we have The Nut Job.


DIRECTOR: Peter Lepeniotis

STARRING:  Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Gabriel Iglesias, Liam Neeson, Katherine Heigl

GENRE: Animated Comedy

YEAR: 2014…

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