Los Angeles-Based Producer Champagne Drip Releases Genre-Bending EP “Time Warp” on Wakaan!

The more you look at electronic music, the more you realize that innovating means survival. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out Time Warp, the latest drop from Champagne Drip. The latest musical incarnation of Los Angeles-based producer Samuel Pool, Champagne Drip is the embodiment of allowing inspiration to blossom into innovation. Pool has sure taken this idea to heart over the years, striving to be in the center of modern bass music as it plows forever with momentum. While he is prominently thriving in the dubstep and jungle scenes, Champagne Drip has a wide range of records in his discography. While Champagne Drip is fire in the studio, his energetic live shows spawned multiple headline tours and appearances at some of the world’s largest festivals. With the bass music world abuzz with the latest drop from Champagne Drip, at this moment he is only on a single trajectory…all the way up.

“Time Warp is a record that encapsulates my deep interest in the underground rave music that inspired me to become a Dj and producer. It’s influenced heavily by my favorite sounds and genres from earlier in my career. – Champagne Drip

Just because you are busy out on tour bringing your live shows to the masses doesn’t mean that you can’t drop a banger of an EP at the same time.  Following up his last release with Wakaan, Champagne Drip is back to break through a few genre barriers and showcase the next stage of his sound with Time Warp, a four-track EP dripping with that Champagne Drip style. Champagne Drip pulls zero punches on the opening track, with the EP’s first track “That Feelin” luring you in with ambient curiosity until it devolves into free-form dubstep. Each of the four tracks follow a similar production style, with more surreal bass music and atmospheric sounds opening the doors of each track but fading away for Champagne Drip’s energetic dubstep drops to take center stage. While all four tracks share similar elements, each one acts as their own standalone piece, almost like four individual puzzles that are fine on their own, but can form a much stronger multi-puzzle project when combined together.

Make sure you check out Time Warp on Spotify below!

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