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Diplo Receives the Max Styler Treatment With Max and TWERL’s Remix of "Color Blind"

While we are always amazed when it comes to original tracks, where an artist really shines is with their remixes. This week we have Max Styler teaming up with TWERL in order to remix powerhouse Diplo’s track “Color Blind” over on Mad Decent. Max keeps surprising us at MiR, bringing something different to the table each time he shows up. Fun fact, Max actually holds the title of being one of the youngest producers signed to Aoki’s Dim Mak, as he signed on that dotted line at the ripe age of 18. Hopefully, the lessons he’s learned since will help him as he branches out. Max has already been experimenting and tweaking his style ever so slighting, and we can’t wait to see what he decides to try next.
Are we sure that Max Styler isn’t actually Midas? We feel that everything he touches immediately increases in value. In an attempt to tackle yet another EDM powerhouse, Max and TWERL add their special touches to the Diplo crafted “Color Blind” They decide to update and transform the track to match the season, working the bass line into a funky summer beat. The duo does their best to not completely re-shape gold, just to polish it. While Max and TWERL add their own signature twists, the preservation of Lil Xan’s original vocals makes the tribute feel more like a tribute than anything.

I was stoked to work on this track with Twerl as we’ve had a great workflow this year with our past two releases. I’m super happy it came out as an official Diplo remix! Hope you like it as much as we do” – Max Styler

Be sure to check out “Color Blind (Max Styler Remix)” on Spotify below!

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Max Styler

Credit: Joey Vitalari, VTL Media

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