2ND FEATUREDanceElectronicInsomniac Records

PLS&TY Launches “Proper Manners” Radio Show on Insomniac Radio and Releases Remix Pack of His “Party In My Head” Single

Do you have your semi-weekly dose of “Proper Manners”? On our latest visit over to Insomniac we are checking out “Proper Manners”, the brand new radio show from PLS&TY. PLS&TY is constantly striving for success in the modern bass music …

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2ND FEATUREElectronicIndependent

Ape Rave Club Releases Digitized, Feel-Good House Single “Let The Music Take Control”

While the world of NFTs has been trying to intertwine itself with the EDM world since the height of their popularity, there are only a handful of artists that have made it work optimally. On our latest peek at the …

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2ND FEATUREElectronicSpinnin' RecordsTech House

For 10-year Anniversary of “Tsunami,” DVBBS Returns To Their Underground Roots with New, Dark Progressive Club Hit “Breathe,” Featuring Chrome Hearts’ Jesse Jo Stark.

When you come up on an anniversary as important as #10, you know you have to return to your roots. On our latest visit to Spinnin’ Records we are checking out “Breathe”, the latest from DVBBS. DVBBS back in 2017, …

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2ND FEATUREElectronicIndependentTech House

PLS&TY Releases Dynamic Tech House Single “Listen to My Heart” and Lays the Ground for Future Announcements

Every time PLS&TY pops back up in our inbox, it’s always a different style he’s throwing into the mix. On our latest peek into the EDM world we are checking out “Listen to My Heart”, the new PLS&TY drop. PLS&TY

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2ND FEATUREBass MusicElectronicGravitas Recordings

Talented Producer Savej Releases Entrancing New Album “Entheogenetic”, An Experiment in the World of Bass Music

While we have spent more time in the club this year than in the experimental studio, every time we peek back in we have a bass maestro taking the reins. On our latest visit to Gravitas we are checking out …

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2ND FEATUREDim MakElectronicHouse

Snavs and John Alto Release “Headlights” – Multi-genre Metaphor of Relationship. Out now on Dim Mak Records

Even though we are finally transitioning over to Autumn, doesn’t mean that our late-night club bangers have to stop. On our latest visit to Dim Mak we are checking out “Headlights”, the latest from Snavs and John Alto. A consistent …

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2ND FEATUREDanceElectronicSpinnin' Records

Platinum-Selling Sam Feldt Puts A House-Centric Spin of R3HAB’s Summer Hit “Rock My Body” with INNA and Sash!

Even though we’re adamant mainstays of R3HAB’s extensive catalog, we’re still down for another fan favorite to take the reins for a bit. On our latest visit to Spinnin’ Records we are checking out “Rock My Body (Sam Feldt

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2ND FEATUREDim MakElectronicExperimental

juuku tells a beautiful story with his new track “Still” || Out NOW on Dim Mak ||

The progression of today’s featured artist is quite the story and if you have the time we highly encourage you to take the plunge. On our latest visit over at Dim Mak we are checking out “Still”, the latest drop …

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2ND FEATUREDanceElectronicSpinnin' Records

Brandon Beal, HEDEGAARD and Lizzy Wang Revive Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Pretty Little Ditty” Famous Sample; Team Up For Deep, Meaningful, and Groovy Single “The Ones We Lost.”

When you’re able to find that happy median through three dynamic cultures, you’ll strike gold. On our latest visit to Spinnin’ Records we are checking out “The Ones We Lost”, the latest from Brandon Beal, HEDEGAARD, and Lizzy Wang. Brandon

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2ND FEATUREAmbientBass MusicElectronicGravitas Recordings

ETHNO Prepares Full Debut EP With Gravitas, Drops Surreal World Bass Single “Leaf Water”

While we’ve been mainly spending our time with electronic music this summer in the clubs, we still have been keeping an eye on the experimental scene. On our latest visit over to Gravitas we are checking out “Leaf Water”, the …

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