Fairy Tail: The Guild

Hello everybody! Sorry I forgot about anime madness last week, I have been just super crazy busy with everything, I haven’t been able to start up a new series. I was able to wrap up this series finally, so here is my review of Fairy Tail,


GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

DIRECTOR: Shinji Ishihara

MANGA AUTHOR: Hiro Mashima


YEAR:  2009-2013


Alright, let me put this out here right now. This is a review of the anime so far, as there is always a chance for the writer to continue making volumes/episodes.

Let’s set the scene for Fairy TailFairy Tail is the story of Lucy Heartfilia, a young celestial wizard who after helping expose a fraud acting as a member of the Fairy Tail guild, is invited to join the guild by Natsu Dragneel. The series follows the Lucy and Natsu as they take all kinds of different jobs in order to try and pay Lucy’s rent, or save the world. Over the course of the series we meet a large amount of characters: Happy (A flying blue cat), Gray Fullbuster (Ice make magic), Erza Scarlet (Equip magic user), and Jellal Fernandez (Erza’s childhood friend). All of these characters have differing roles in the various story arcs, with Jellal having the most. Jellal’s character was used so many times but in different ways each time and it paid off.

Fairy Tail had a good number of features that made me enjoy it. One, all of the characters have feuds with each other all the time, but all manage to work together. Each of the characters compliment the others’ weaknesses to form an amazing team, no matter what job they take on. Alright, enough about the characters. The animation came off some what childish to me, but it suited the subject matter. Especially since Fairy Tail is definitely not a serious anime, at all.

Alright Fairy Tail is definitely the longest anime I have watched so far, was very entertaining. D. Gray Man is the next longest with 108-ish episodes and while I know One Piece and Bleach are much longer, I am not interested in either one so I won’t be watching them, unless requested Unfortunately I felt that Fairy Tail could have ended so much earlier. Many of the later story arcs simply bored me, while there was still enough to keep my interest. Overall, Fairy Tail isn’t half bad. I have my gripes with it, but it was entertaining enough to keep watching through all 175 episodes.


  • Complimenting characters.
  • Jellal Fernandez versatility.
  • Soundtrack


  • Non-unique story arcs.
  • Too many minor characters.
  • Childish animation.

SCORE: 8.0 / 10

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