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Rugrats in Paris: Euroreptarland

Hello everybody! For today’s movie club we have Rugrats in Paris.


DIRECTOR: Stig Bergqvist, Paul Demeyer

STARRING:  Elizabeth Daily, Tara Strong, Cheryl Chase, Christine Cavanaugh, Dionne Quan, Kath Soucie, Michael Bell, Julia Kato, Jack Riley, Melanie Chartoff, Tress MacNeille, Philip Proctor, Susan Sarandon, John Lithgow, Billy West

GENRE: Animated comedy-drama

YEAR: 2000

COUNTRY: United States

Wishes come true in Rugrats in Paris The Movie, and love makes its way into the hearts of those young, old and overseas. Chuckie’s dad, Chazz, starts dating again, and it’s Chuckie’s wish to find a new mom. When Stu Pickles is summoned to Reptarland, an amazing new amusement park in Paris, to work on his Reptar invention, Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil, Lil, Dil, Didi and the whole gang tag along to the city of romance. But the Rugrats’ big adventure turns out to be more than glamour, fashion and smelly cheese. Chuckie learns that when it comes to princesses and potential mommies, things are not always what they seem, and for Chazz, finding the right woman can be difficult in any language. As the Rugrats’ travels take them from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame and everywhere in between, the world’s favorite babies learn new lessons about courage, loyalty, trust and above all, true love.

Alright, I can’t believe I am actually including this on my site.  I was watching this with my roommates (while working on another review, I am not telling which) and they begged me to review it. The main plus about the second viewing (since I was a kid in 2000, Jesus I was 9) was that nostalgic factor. I felt so nostalgic while watching Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, that I actually felt like a kid again. I definitely didn’t enjoy it as much, but I wasn’t completely bored the entire time. I remember all of the feelings I had when I was younger and some of them actually came back. Plus, I was actually able to catch all of the adult jokes and themes hidden from the kids.

Alright, so now that I am definitely older (at least I think I am) I can point out all of the faults of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. There are faults everywhere! Although the movie scores points with its lengthy, unabashed parody of EuroDisney, it also feels the need to steal the spaghetti-smooch scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp and pattern its main villain on Disney standby Cruella De Vil. Rugrats own formula works much better than these romps through postmodern winks, especially when they betray their critique of Disney by honoring its more memorable characters and situations through allusion.


  • Nostalgia.
  • Voice acting cast.


  • Disney Satire.
  • Rugrats Formula doesn’t work.
  • Lost the wit for adults.

SCORE: 6.0 / 10

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