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WWE NXT 3-20-14 – The Celtic Warrior is on NXT!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my review of March 2oth’s edition of NXT! Tonight’s advertised main event is going to feature WWE Superstar Sheamus! It’ll be interesting to see who the Celtic Warrior will step in the ring with tonight!

Mojo Rawley vs. Bull Dempsey

Mojo comes out to a huge fan reaction! as everyone in the audience were on there feet cheering for the man That Stays Hype! Turns out the Rob Gronkowski the Tight End for the New England Patriots was in attendance for Mojo’s match! So the bell rings and it seems like Mojo is going to be taking on resident NXT Jobber, Bull Dempsey. Bull did not act like a jobber tonight though as he took it to Mojo early on, hitting him with several hard hits! Mojo fought back though and was able to Hype up as he hits Dempsey with numerous heavy blows, and finishes off with Hyper Drive to cover him for the three!

Winner – Mojo Rawley

Rating – 4\10: Despite how over Mojo is with the NXT Universe, he is still very green in the ring! It was a fun quick match, but nothing impressive. What is impressive though is how over Mojo is with the NXT Universe. Tonight everybody in the crowd was cheering for Mojo Rawley, and with Pro Football Player Rob Gronkowski in his corner, Mojo’s career looks to be very promising!

CJ Parker Interview

Devin Taylor is set to interview CJ Parker! She ask Parker about his loss to Mojo Rawley at NXT Arrival, Parker responds by saying Mojo is the kind of guy you see go through a drive thru, orders 10 cheeseburgers, eats them all, burps, and throws the wrapper out the window! He then goes on to say in one week he will dispose of Mojo Rawley as he drops a crumbled up piece of paper in a Recycling Bin! I’ve got to say, ever since they turned Parker heel, he has been very impressive, especially in this promo here! This rivalry between him and Mojo is promising, I just hope Mojo doesn’t dominate Parker through out the rivalry, as this rivalry can elevate both men’s careers!

Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn

Tyler Breeze struts down to the ring as he usually does! and despite NXT’s best efforts, the NXT Universe loves Breeze! but the may love his opponent even more, as Sami Zayn heads down to the ring high fiving every fan he see, but Corey Graves comes out from behind and slams Sami Zayn head first into the steel post. William Regal does an excellent job pointing out how heartless Corey Graves is by pointing out Sami Zayn was shaking a little girls hands and Corey Graves cam out here and did that. Graves was back offed by the referee as the paramedics check on Zayn and aid him into the back.

Winner- N/A

Rating – N/A: The match never got under way so I can’t give it a rating, but tonight NXT heavily elevated the feud between Zayn and Graves! I strongly believe Graves will be the next to challenge Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship and a rivalry with Sami Zayn will definitely elevate Corey Graves! On the other hand once again were teased with Tyler Breeze! For the 4th straight week in a row I believe, Tyler Breeze was supposed to compete, but something got in the way!

Sheamus Interview

Devin Taylor is set to interview a special guest, WWE Superstar Sheamus! It was advertised last week that Sheamus would be here on NXT, and they talk briefly about Sheamus’s time in NXT before he was a WWE Superstar, but Aiden English comes in and introduces himself to Sheamus, and makes a clear not the he is using the WWE as a stepping stone to the brighter lights of Broadway! Sheamus makes a joke about English’s balls not yet dropping and says he is going to talk to his good friend JBL and fix that problem for English tonight! We now find out who Sheamus will be facing here tonight, and I believe this is English’s debut on the WWE Network, so what a huge run for him to make his debut against former WWE Champion, Sheamus!

Adam Rose vs. Camacho

The Party is still going! As Adam Rose is set to have his second match, this time against Camacho! Camacho is definitely enhancement talent, but he really took it to Adam Rose here tonight. He dominated most of the match up, but I’ll be honest it wasn’t entertaining at all! The fans were definitely behind Rose the entire match as the sang his theme and chanted Party Pooper at Camacho. At one point Camacho mocked Adam Rose’s strut, and Rose flipped! He jumper onto Camacho, and that is where things began to change. Rose hit a huge spine buster and followed it up with a huge clothesline to get the pin!

Winner – Adam Rose

Rating – 5\10: Not a great match at all! I’ll be honest I was bored throughout the most of it! Camacho is just so boring in the ring, when he is in control he does the most basic of maneuvers, and as fun as Adam Rose is, I will say I would like to see him actually fight instead of just prancing around the ring. It seems you have to get him angry in order to unleash his fighting side. Despite the match not being good, Adam Rose is over with the NXT Universe! They sang his theme through out the match, and called Camacho a Party Pooper! So Rose has something going for him here!

Sasha Banks w/ Charlotte vs. Bayley w/ Natalya

The Boss! Sasha Banks being accompanied to the ring by fellow BFF, Charlotte! as she is set to go one on one with the ever so adorable Bayley! and Bayley tonight is being accompanied to the ring by former WWE Divas Champion, Natalya! and let me be the first to point out how popular Bayley is becoming! I see huge things for Bayley’s career! Tonight’s match was interesting as well. We got to see a different side of Bayley as she put on Sasha’s shades and mocked her. Bayley really impressed in the ring as well, as she countered practically every move Banks attempted to make, but Sasha was able to get back into the match, and when she did she took out all her frustrations on Bayley! Numerous hard hits followed up with a toss to the outside of the ring practically guaranteed Sasha the win. Charlotte looked to get in a cheap shot on Bayley while she was on the outside of the ring, but luckily for Bayley, Natalya was there to protect her. Bayley got back into the ring, and Charlotte took this opportunity to get a cheap shot in on Natalya, Bayley went to check on her friend, but Sasha Banks rolled Bayley up for a pin, but Bayley quickly countered into her own pin for the three count!

Winner – Bayley

Rating – 6\10: These two put on a great match, that told a story! Bayley continues to look for revenge on The BFFs, and I’ll be honest, I am dying to see Bayley take on Summer Rae! I really do see big things for Bayley’s career. I can definitely see her winning the NXT Womens Championship, going on to the main roster winning the Divas Championship numerous times, and having a WWE Hall of Fame career! Yes! That is how much faith I have in Bayley. It was nice to get to see a new side of both Bayley and Sasha here tonight! All in all if this is how the WWE’s Divas Division was, than you would hear no complaints!

Vengeance Week on NXT

Next week on NXT it is all about Vengeance as several rivals will face off that night. The video did a great job hyping up all the matches for next week, and I for one am excited for Vengeance week!
The Following Matches were announced for Vengeance Week!

  • Natalya vs. Charlotte
  • CJ Parker vs. Mojo Rawley
  • Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze
  • NXT Championship Match : Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville (c)

Aiden English vs. Sheamus

Aiden comes out singing as always, and than Sheamus comes out to and uproar from the NXT Universe. Before the match begin Aiden gets on the mic, and points out that a few people in attendance knows him, but goes on to say he built this theater and this is the same building he is using as a steeping stone to reach Broadway! Sheamus than grabs the mic, and ask the NXT Universe if they believe English could make it in Broadway, they all begin to chant NO! Sheamus than complains about English’s singing and goes on to say in his homeland of Ireland they used to sing all the time, and as the NXT Universe if they would like to hear him sing, they all chant NO! and Sheamus laughs and says he has been practicing and than manages to lead to NXT Universe in a clap as he sings a song. Believe it or not Sheamus didn’t sound bad, guaranteed I won’t say he is a good singer, but he can totally pull of the Irish songs! English grabs the mic away and begins to say this is his show, but Sheamus cuts him off and grabs the mic back and continues to sing his song, before English attacks him from behind and knocks him out of the ring. Sheamus laughs it off and demands the bell to ring, and now our match is under way! Sheamus took the early advantage in this match as he took it to English with some heavy strikes, but after the commercial break we now see English in control of the match. Sheamus quickly battles back and takes the attack to the outside, where he slams English into the Barricades many times and even saying hello to a very dedicated fan! Sheamus tossed English back into the ring, but English quickly rolled back out, forcing Sheamus to follow him back outside the ring. Sheamus grabbed English and was about to walk him back into the ring, but English pushed Sheamus off him and face first into the steel post, and now Aiden takes control of the match. Sheamus tried to battle back many times, but Aiden kept control over The Celtic Warrior with some heavy strikes. English held Sheamus down with a Rear Naked Choke for quite a long time, but Sheamus battled out of it, but right when it appeared that Sheamus was going to get back in the match, Aiden connected with an elbow right to Sheamus. Aiden than ran at The Celtic Warrior, but Sheamus caught him off guard with a huge forearm, witch led to some huge strikes and one well placed Brogue Kick for the three count!

Winner- Sheamus

Rating – 7\10: I’m glad Aiden was made to look like a threat the Sheamus! Sheamus definitely showed here tonight that he can actually sing, and Aiden showed here tonight he can hang with some of the WWE’s best. We have seen English take on Rob Van Dam in the past, but now that the WWE has given English Sheamus to face definitely says something to me. I think the WWE sees something in Aiden English, and I do to! With a little more ring work,and English can be a top star in the WWE.

Superstar of the Night – Aiden English

I don’t think there was any other choice tonight. Aiden not only got to face former WWE Champion Sheamus in the main event here tonight, but he got to show off his mic skills, in ring skills and that extra it factor he has. Despite his loss, tonight with Aiden English’s night. He may not be moving on to the bright lights of Broadway! but He may very well be moving on the the bright lights of Monday Night Raw!

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