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Persona 4

Perona 4 is the latest entry in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. You play as a protagonist you name yourself. Just after your arrival, a TV announcer is found dead, her body hanging from an antenna; Saki Konishi, the high school student who had discovered the body, is later found dead under similar gruesome circumstances. After the protagonist and his friends accidentally enter the TV world (a world that exists only inside of- you guessed it- TVs), they encounter Teddie, who helps them travel freely between the TV and real worlds. He also helps them to realize that the fog seems to bring the bodies with it. They awaken to their Persona abilities and, realizing that the murders stem from Shadow attacks in the TV world, are able to rescue several would-be victims. Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Rise, Teddie and Naoto accept their other selves, which become giant Shadows in the TV world, and join the group as Persona-users. Having finally identified the culprit the party chases and locates him within the TV world.

Persona 4 improves upon most of what was wrong with Persona 3. There is a central goal, the characters are more believable and given more depth and the Shadows seem to finally have their own sense of direction. However, it also plays host to a few issues not seen in Persona 3 such as the coloring on enemies rarely means anything. In Persona 3 the coloring of an enemy gave you a hint to its weakness while in 4 some enemies seem colored at will. The (almost) immediate access to party member social links is a great addition as well. Plus the fact that the higher you make your social link, the more abilities party members have, gives you a reason to keep talking to them even if you feel their stories are becoming stale.

Overall I would give Persona 4 an 8.5/10

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