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Goat Simulator: The Best Goat Simulation You Will Ever Play!

Hello everybody! Today we have a total joke turned into a full fledged game, Goat Simulator.


Developer(s) Coffee Stain Studios
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows[1]
Release date(s) Microsoft Windows

  • WW 1 April 2014

Linux, Mac OS X

  • WW TBA
Genre(s) Simulation video game
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Download

Hmm, how should I describe Goat Simulator? The whole point of the game is to explore the local town and neighborhood as a goat. Yes you heard me, a goat. This game was initially an Internet prank/hoax, but the people of the Internet demanded that this game should be made. So Coffee Stain Studios (what a ridiculous company to make a ridiculous game) took it upon to make the Greatest of All Time (see what I did there?) Simulator. You can actual explore the studio in the game, somewhat hidden towards the edge of the map.

Now lets get to the positives of Goat Simulator. This game is simply addictive as hell, from its ridiculous achievements to all of the insane Easter eggs. While the game is simple in design, I think it satisfies exactly what the audience of the Internet wanted.. It is definitely the game that doesn’t take itself seriously (how could they, you play as a god damn goat!) and that you can just fuck around in it. I have been playing this game for the last month and still haven’t found all of the Easter eggs. I think I just need to update the game so I can receive the Angel goat, the ripped goat, and the goat fight club.

Alright, since Goat Simulator doesn’t take itself seriously, there are many things wrong with the game. My biggest pet peeve is that you are stuck to just the first neighborhood, even though there is clearly a nice city to destroy in the backdrop. What the hell Coffee Stain? How dare you taunt me with a whole new location but don’t give it to me. Secondly, the game is insanely buggy. Luckily the game uses most of these bugs to its advantage, as these bugs can generate even more hilarity than what already exists. Lastly, I think that if you aren’t going to add another area to explore, then at least add a little more variety to what we already have. Come on, you know you want to Coffee Stain Studios.


  • Addicting
  • Ridiculous achievements
  • Easter Eggs galore.
  • Perfect game to just waste time.


  • Buggy
  • Stuck in one neighborhood.
  • Not too much Variety.

SCORE: 8.8 / 10

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